Showing God's Love
Through Mercy Ministry

Sharing the Gospel
to the Lost

Reaching Out
At All Cost


Helping those that need help finding the King (God) thats looking for them as
His lost family members and citizens of Heaven.

Adopt a Box

Send a box with 300 pieces of cloths to the Philippines for just $65.00

Philippine Vision Ministry
735 n 97th way Mesa
Arizona 85205

I gave up part of my life years ago to focus on giving all extra money to others. When I was 16 I started flying lessons and got my license. Its one of my favorite things to do, but over $100 per hour to have fun while kids are starving. I love flying but I love kids and the needy more. – Darold

Greeting in the name of Jesus the King of Kings and Lord of Lords.

Let me say thank you for your prayers and support. With your help we are helping kids and the poor all over the world. What would be our purpose in life if we just sit back and did nothing? We are called to be the hand and feet of the King on earth with dominion power and authority to establish Gods will on earth. God loves people so much that when we are born again He gives us His desires to help and change peoples lives with His gospel. His gospel is not just preaching but it includes meeting people needs as we see the needs. The gospel has to be demonstrated as well as being told. When you love people you care for them and meet their needs spiritually and physically. How can a person understand the gospel when they are hungry, thirsty, and naked? When you show them that you care about them they will listen to what you have to say.

When you honor God, he will honor you. You honor God by doing His will. His will is that no one perish but comes to the saving knowledge of His son. His will is because of what Jesus did that all would be healed. His will is that no one would go hungry. His will is that no one would be thirsty. His will is that no one would go naked. So we are working hard showing people Gods will by meeting their needs. Jesus prayed let your will be done on earth as it is in Heaven. Their is blessings that come to us from God as we honor Him by standing up for His word not ours. We have to show God honor by what we do, say, act, and who we support as our leaders. How can we say we honor God when we honor people that don’t honor Him.

As Gods Ambassador on earth its our job to only say and do what God word says. When we do otherwise we can no longer be His Ambassador because we are not representing His interest but our own which is forbidden. So were asking you to stand by us as we share God love to a lost world. We are doing all we can to help as many people around the world with our ministry and our partners ministries but in order to reach more we need your prayers and support. We are looking for partners that will give to Philippine Vision Ministry on a monthly basis. Will you join us and help us proclaim the good news of the Gospel Of Jesus? We thank you and love you and always pray for you. Now lets all get busy doing our Fathers the Kings business.

God bless you.

Darold Dotson

Ministry Partners

Do You Know Jesus

Do you know Jesus Christ? Many have heard of Jesus and know a little about Him. Many sing songs about His birth at Christmas and know that Easter commemorates His resurrection. Some think of Him as a teacher or perhaps the founder of a major world religion. But, do you know Him personally? Do you know that Jesus died and rose again, not to start a spiritual movement but because He loves you and wanted to provide a way for you to know Him?

The Bible tells the story of God’s love for people. In the beginning, God created us to reflect His image and to have a relationship with Him (Genesis 1:27). We were created good, and then sin entered the world. We essentially chose to try life on our own without God, instead of living our lives for God as we were designed.

God loves us so much that He sent His Son, Jesus, to die on the cross to pay the price for our sins and bring us into a relationship with Him. Through Him, we can know the promise of eternal life and experience the joy of knowing God here on earth!

If you would like to have a relationship with God, the Bible tells us that the first step is acknowledging that we have sinned and that there is nothing we can do to earn God’s love (Romans 3:23-26). Next, we believe and confess that Jesus is Lord (Romans 10:9) and allow Him to guide our lives. Where we once wanted to control our own futures, we now invite Jesus into our hearts to be Lord over our lives.

Knowing God’s peace, perspective, and purpose for your life begins with a personal relationship with Jesus.

If you would like to accept Jesus as Lord of your life, you can pray the following prayer:

Lord, I confess that I have sinned against You and ask You to forgive me.  I’m sorry that my sin has hurt You and other people in my life.  I acknowledge that I could never earn salvation by my good works, but I come to You and trust in what Jesus did for me on the cross. 

I believe that You love me and that Jesus died and rose again so that I can be forgiven and come to know You.  I ask You to come into my heart and be Lord of my life.  I trust You with everything, and I thank You for loving me so much that I can know You here on earth and spend the rest of eternity with You in heaven. 

In Jesus name,