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Philippine Vision now give cloths and things to  people in Mexico once a month ! We need office or storage area for our Mexico Ministry in the Phoenix/Mesa area. Thank […]

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The Philippine Village Candaguit, Sibonga, Cebu Why Should I Sponsor? Love is the reason we are caring for the people of the Philippines. The unemployment rate is 60% and people […]

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Welcome To Our Site, we are Impacting the Earth with the Kingdom of God

Feeding, clothing, and sheltering kids in the Philippines and helping in over 30 countries around the world. We want the people to know God loves and cares about them, and the people of the world do too. Help us give them hope and meet their needs. If for no other reason but the fact that giving and sharing is fun and very rewarding. Besides your financial help, we desperately need your prayers above any thing else. We love people so much and have such a burden for them. We desire to fulfill the vision but can not do it alone. With your help we can do it. May God bless you and keep you in the palm of his hand. Philippine Vision Ministry 735 N 97th Way Mesa AZ 85207 480 809-7112

Recent News Update

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2015

538360_151051025052901_1309448148_nwebsiteI want to say Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all our Friends and partners. We love you, and pray for God’s blessings on you and your family. In 2015 we provided 1000s of meals, clothed kids and adults, provided funds to families to help them with living expenses, provided food, school supplies, and gave away flip flops. Because of loving people we have shown the love of Jesus.


This time of the year we look back at the year and say I should have done more for God and his people. then you realize how hard you worked to do  the things you did do and say thank Lord for the things we did. It’s sometimes hard when you look at the needs you see and you can’t supply all them. We know Jesus is coming soon and we know we don’t know the day or hour and that we have to keep working as hard as we can so the Lord will say to us well done good and faithful servant, that will be the greatest reward we could receive.


We look forward now to 2016 with plans and determination to show the love of God through or actions and deeds. Everyday we can see in the news the things coming upon the earth that Jesus told us would happen before His return. Its looks very bad but we can not faint, we must keep proclaiming what everyone needs and that Jesus the Savior of the world.


With everyone we are able to touch we are the hands of God proclaiming God Loves you and so do we.


Heavenly Father, we honor you our King. You are worthy of our praise and worship. Oh that we would learn to love people the way you do. You are mighty our Lord with no one above you. Thank you for allowing us to call you Father. Thank you for Jesus giving us the ability to be able to pray to you directly and enter into your throne room as your kids. Lord let us show the world your love by our actions and deeds. Allow to reach out to those that don’t know you as their Father so they to will have a personal relationship with you. Use us Lord to fulfill your will. Now Father I pray you bless, heal, save, and send your spirit to the people reading this prayer. Show them your loving kindness. Work in their lives. I pray this in the precious, mighty, and glorious name of Jesus the most high. Amen


Thank you for your prayers and support. Together we can change the world one soul at a time.395753_151052355052768_2089987216_nflip5lunch6

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